Linux VPS OS, Control Panel & Development Environments

Linux VPS is powered by many optimized OS distributions including Centos, Debian & Ubuntu Releases with cPanel & Plesk Controlpanels

BenchMark Optimized Control Panels


KAK Linux VPS can be powered by most Robust and secured control panel by cPanel. Almost if you want to deploy a ready to go panel which powers you PCI recommended options with enhanced security. cPanel is the choice for you. For more information, Please visit


Parallels plesk is also one of the most trusted control panel for webmasters and other web agencies. If you are familiar with Plesk, we can offer you a discounted price panel for Linux VPS. For more information, Please visit Plesk.

LInux OS Distros

Linux VPS Optimized Distributions

Ubuntu Releases

Ubuntu v15.04 Server 64-bit
Ubuntu v14.10 Server 64-bit
Ubuntu v14.04 Server 64 bit
Ubuntu v13.10 Server 64 bit
Ubuntu v12.04 LTS Server 64 bit

Debian Releases

Debian v8.0 (Jessie) 64-bit
Debian v6.0 (Squeeze) 64 bit
Debian v7.0 (Wheezy) 64 bit

Centos Releases

CentOS v6 64 bit
CentOS v7 64 bit