Payment & SuspensionTerms

Payment Terms related to the Services & Products.

  1.     100% advance for the project for said term of renewal, registration or transfer until and unless given credit for the time.
  2.     100% payment is accepted in case PO after work done and compliance to Kak Infotech Pvt. Ltd. KIPL(KakInfotech Pvt. Ltd) reserves the right to honour and accept such requests and decision is completely taken on KIPL’s end.
  3.     All the payment will be paid through cheque/NEFT/Debit Card/Credit Card/SWIFT.
  4.     Delay in submission of data will lead to delay in the project for the same number of days.
  5.     At every stage of completion of the project KIPL will provide 7 days maximum time for the release of next payment if not breach of terms will be sensed and account would be suspended including hosting.
  6.     Service taxes is extra for the project cost or higher as per laws.
  7.  Data, in terms of text, images, graphics, audio, video, logo or any visual representation of texts and pictures is the complete responsibility of the client and should be provided in advance before starting the project.
  8.     Recurring or subscribed yearly/monthly payments should be made within 7 days or on due date or before the expiry date to avoid interruption of the services online services including hosting(all hosting, shared, vps, cloud or dedicated hosting).
  9.     For any unlimited pages/pictures, KIPL designs 12 pages with 35 pictures(provided by client) at max. Rest client can do it from the panel given by KIPL.
  10.    Normal Modification under the consideration of KIPL terms is acceptable for 3 times in a year via 3 tickets with 1 issue per ticket with no carry forward to another year. For all other terms, please visit
  11.     Maintenance is applicable from the next year @ 25% of the project cost.
  12.     Payment made for any project is non-refundable.
  13.     By paying against the offer or invoice you agree to the terms & conditions mentioned on website on right footer.
  14.     We do offer SLA for the said period of lacked service. But it is available @ 10% extra cost to the project.
    KIPL does not guarantee any services of SEO/SMO/PPC/Web Design/Web Development and online advertising for  any business gain or profit. It is only customer risk for any gain or loss for the business. KIPL uses Geo-location IP to manage completely whitehat techniques for SEO/SMO/PPC and other hosting techniques. It is applicable only when your terms of payment is active regularly and is live with no dues with KIPL billing. KIPL does not provide content for SEO/SMO. Picture (images/video/vector/raster) sourced from Google is totally upon risk of customers and may be the subject to copyright. If any amount against invoice of SEO/SMO/PPC or any business promotional activities is overdue for 1 day(s) or more,KIPL reserves the right to suspend your account including your hosting services.
  15.     KIPL does not guarantee about any ranking or keyword about website since KIPL does not have any control on Google and other search engines. So, KIPL has converted all the accounts to provide you traffic for the concerned packages and does guarantee on keyword based SEO due to algorithm update. SEO/SMO/PPC or any business promotional activities carries a minimum subscribed period of 3 months. If payment is overdue of the monthly payment whichever is higher and KIPL stops all activities related to project.
  16.     If the Client does not provide payments on time and if Kak Infotech Softwares provides prior notification, then we reserves the right to:Discontinue work
    Cancel the monthly service. If the Contract/term is canceled, the Client will till owe any balance to Kak Infotech Softwares.
    If the Client is paying through cheque and cheque is dishonored then Kak Infotech Software reserves the right to (without prior notification):Discontinue work
    Cancel the monthly service. If the Contract/term is canceled, the Client will till owe any balance to Kak Infotech Softwares
    Remove any or all Web pages from Kak Infotech Softwares server or unpublish the pages from SEO/SMO/PPC or any other business promotional activities.
    Any issue will be subject to jurisdiction in New Delhi Court, India
     *NOTE*“All contents and other details related to development of the web site have to be provided by the client before starting the project.”
    “ KIPL issues one design license for the said domain. (i.e – This design is only applicable to the said domain. Any misuse of design and development may lead to legal consequences. This LICENSE is only valid if the domain DNS is inside our KIPL network and it is non-transferrable to any hosts/providers.  ”
    It can be made transferable  only once you spend 2 years with maintenance and renewal on KIPL Network excluding 1st year maintenance as free year. This is applicable to all the website designs which have been given hosting as bundled offer or included with website project. Customers can pay the another 2 years hosting and website maintenance to be eligible for design transfer in case to any hosting service provider prior to 3 years from starting of the project.
    In case of SEO/SMO/PPC and online advertizing solutions, website has to be inside our KIPL network and in this case KIPL offers free hosting and blog till the time time  contract/term is running. KIPL reserves the right to charge for hosting as per plan and Blog for per year charge of $50 with continued next maintenance.
    E-commerce and CMS Engine will have a separate panel for modification and up-dation for the same and KIPL does not provide any other panel apart from this.Last updated : March 27, 2017