Template Based Website Design

Template based Website Design, Cost effective website, Website Starter

KIPL has tied a business knot with RVSiteBuilder:Website Builder Application Partner to provide a unique approach to create, manage and maintain website in just 15 minutes. KIPL is proud to announce 871 website template with 4000+ designs.

KIPL helps business starter with this service to have their own brand identity with some information about their company which is editable and manageable from an easy-to-use control panel at the customer’s end. Even KIPL promotes each and every starter company to design their pages at first go which can be editable from customer’s end with the help of WYSIWYG editor.

Template Based Website Design Package includes-

Domain Name of your choice

Free Webspace & hosting Promotion

7 GB Email space/Email ID

Unique control panel to edit all possible contents

Compatible Designs with 4000+ designs

Free Image optimization for better look & feel

Website Content Planning & Drafting

Possibility of Web Promotion in all major search like Google, Yahoo etc

User-Friendly page look. All kinds of changes/additions.


KIPL templates are bestowed with the following rich features-


  • UTF-8 only, easier to create multi-lingual web site

  • Loading speed
  • JS, CSS, PHP place holder
  • New layout template
New Form Editor

  • WYSIWYG form editor
  • Flies Attachment
New Backup System

  • No timeout issue
  • Verbose error handling
  • Security enhancement
New Publish and Preview System

  • No timeout issue
  • Verbose error handling
  • Faster to publish
  • Not overwrite page which not change
  • Reduce required space to publish and preview to 5% of project size

  • Compact and easy to use formats
  • Variety of color themes with color & graphic formats
  • Additional navigator formats which can be selected position of side 1 and side 2
  • Able to resize height of header banner
  • Advanced with more dimensions design of templates
Other Features

  • New tryout web site
  • Search template in step2
  • Top page with the sub page can be set as anchor link instead of full page
  • User registration and login system
New Photo Galleries

  • Able to upload compressed file; e.g. zip, tar, tar.gz, etc.
  • Able to organize album and photo.
  • Able to set time and select transition for viewing photo.
  • Able to connect or share to social network websites.

KIPL offers Template Based design from Rs. 999/- or $23. For more information about this mail us at info@kakinfotech.com.