Start-up Service Agreement

Start-up Service Agreement declares the terms of services completeion for all setup under different categories.

Start-up Service Agreement

The Startup Service provides an introduction to and basic information for the operation of a website. You understand and agree that it is not possible to give a complete overview of all functions of a customer account/website during the Startup Service conversation. You further understand and agree that

We are not liable for any non-performance or error resulting from any omission in the materials discussed during the Startup Service conversation, that the materials discussed may contain errors and/or omissions, and that any materials discussed do not create a warranty or guarantee of accuracy, functionality, or desired result.

Normally all services for start-up takes 24-72 hours for completion. Some other services like SEO, SMO including all business Promotion and other activities for which Kak Infotech does not have any control, may take longer.

As start-up service, client agrees as precondition to abide, read and understood carefully all the terms and policies mentioned on website of Kakinfotech footer right or in any proposal or agreement sent to you. Due to nature of being online business, client agrees to have knowledge of product/services and internet knowledge including mails, forgot password, chat, online support techniques and helpdesk ticket support. You also agree that Kakinfotech provides all kinds of online web services where all deliveries and support is available strictly by helpdesk ticket support only exclusive of any phone support. Phone support is not acceptable as per helpdesk support log where times-tamped data record cannot be possible. So, Startup Service is served via helpdesk ticket support system only.

Ticket support varies from different kinds of services which cover critical and non-critical services. Critical services TAT(Turn Around Time) may differs from 15 mins. to 72 hours and non-critical services TAT may differs from 3 days to months and probably years. Data delayed and per hour charges services for a longer period may take preferably a longer time than expected. TAT is different for all the different start-up services and product available at