About Kakinfotech.com

KIPL is dedicated to have an IT backbone in India to provide in Products & IT segments

Who we are?


rom web design, development and online marketing to custom applications and business productivity solutions, KIPL deploys attractive and functional services whose challenges are varied automation, better tasks repartition, costs and delays reduction, improvement in demands treatment, better management of information flows, knowledge and content sharing, increased collaborative work, increased involvement of users.

KIPL dedicates all energy, knowledge and experience to create software solutions and web sites which become a great asset to any business. KIPL deploys only the latest technologies and methods to provide professional web development and Internet Marketing solutions on time and on budget. Moreover, KIPL approach is customer-oriented and we guide you at every step from conception and creation to full development and promotion.

KIPL is fully confident about our possibilities and can provide you with an exceptionally good software solution and web site design that you can be proud of.

KakInfotech is incredibly responsive, towards clients for a better service.

Offshore Website Design & Development, Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server, SEO, SMO, Business Promotion, Bulk Mailing and online services.


Why Choose KakInfotech?

1. Mother Company in Hosting & Server Solutions

Kak Infotech has many data-center ventures throughout the world to serve customers around the globe. As a global service provider, we have a solid IT backbone which runs from Nehru Place, Gurgaon from India & Denver from United States.
Kakinfotech says we won the server i.e. We really own it. We are unique Ip communication network in all the 4 DNS zones around the Globe.

2. 8 Years of Vast Experience in Hardcore Server Platform

Kak Infotech has an eight years of vast experience in this IT communication Network for server technology. Kak Infotech serves many resellers for hosting, many individual clients in shared hosting and almost a few more in dedicated hosting solutions with vast range of services like-

  • Managed services for dedicated Server
  • Monitoring Dedicated Server
  • Managing Security & DDOS Attacks
  • Hardening of dedicated Hosting
  • Cluster Server
3. No third Party Support: Support owned by KIPL

Kak Infotech has a separate team for providing support to our clients on a dedicated platform. We seriously own the support team to move the services at their utmost priority. Not only this much, We clearly own the backend support & development. There is no interference of third party support at all.

4.Websites behind a Kak Server Guard + Firewall

We understand data as critical factor for industry. We seriously care for your data. We understand data importance for clients and their customer. We have developed an extra security layer backbone for Server anti-hacking and Protection.
For this reason, we have already developed a seperate tool to monitor the attacks and hacking attempts that guard server from all this unwanted attacks. Although following tools are used to Guard Server in a better way-

  • WHM Firewall
  • Mod Security
  • Root Kit Scripts

Our Skills

HTML/CSS / 85%
PHP/ASP/.Net / 90%
Search Engine /Social Media Optimization / 88%
Design: Photoshop/Flash / 95%
CMS Engine: WordPress/Joomla/Drupal / 87%
Open Source E-commerce: Open Cart/Magento/Others / 87%
Hosting Managed /Security/Optimization / 98%