Hybrid Promotion Plan

Hybrid Promotion Plan has great advantage of promotion via Adwords and SMO and Kakinfotech Network

Hybrid Promotion Plan

$199 $199 Per Month

Campagin Design & Management

Design & optimization of Adword
Campaign Design
Monitoring fTools for the best bids
Negative keywords Inclusion
Keyword Optimization
Location target
Impression based budget optimization
Landing Page customization & Design

Adword Campain

Paid Organic Searches
Pay Per click as actuals
Statement for the period
All third party Adword performance

KakInfotech Internal Promotion

Ad serving
Ad impression
CPV implementation (30days ad serving with 80K views/impression)
No cost of CPC
3 networks -all news internal network.
Campaign Design & monitoring
Ads with Adword Optimization and direction
SMO Promotion 300 Likes on Facebook Page
All stats

Campaign Management & Maintenance @ 12% of paid Amount.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do we have to go a long Terms Commitment?

No. Month-on-Month Contract. 10% OFF on Yearly Contract with minimum 3 months advance payment. You can cancel this before 7 days of your next month of calender billing.

Do we get any guarantee of business?

No! We do not committ any guarantee. This is a promotional plan where we do marketing on the basis of discounts and other promotional offers given by you.