Web Based Application

 Web Based Application, CRM, HRM, ERP

KIPL has qualified professional to develop and deploy Web Based Application which serve the purpose of an organization with many branches connected to internet. For such organization KIPL works on different language platform like asp, aspx, php, java, perl to develop client-end application. These application are backup up by database like Mysql, MSsql, Oracle and others.

These applications demand high level security for user control based on hierarchy of an organization. Many OOPS objectives are performed based on certain criteria as per application demands.

Some of the possible applications which are currently under use are-

  • CRM: Customer RelationShip Management
  • ERP: Enterprize Resource Planning
  • Helpdesk and Support System
  • Payroll Application
  • Time Traker
  • HRM: Human Resource management
  • Online Task Management