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Email Marketing Business Promotional Offer

KakInfotech.com offers a wide variety of Email Marketing Business Promotional Offer for Business and Professional to reach into the digital audience for promotional and marketing purposes. Email Marketing is a need for digital marketing nowadays as it is used for many different purposes. Email Marketing Business Promotional Offers regular newsletters, important updates, reminders, promotional campaigns and transnational mailers. Email is an important tool for digital marketing as email newsletters can include many links to various services in a newsletter campaign. KakInfotech Email marketing technique features Auto-responders, Triggers, Surveys, Email Statistics, Open Click through Rate, Clean List, Bounce Mail processing and many others. All these features make KakInfotech Email Marketing an ultimate service provider with cutting-edge technologies to provide the best services in Email Marketing Response.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a long term commitment?

NO, This is month on month commitment.

Do you provide INBOX delivery guarantee?

NO, We do not commit any INBOX delivery guarantee as it totally depends upon third party mail servers how they handle your mails based on filters. Plus delivery depends upon content available in your email body. So, commitment for INBOX delivery is not possible. Yes, you can increase the rate of delivery via different methods like, DKIM, spf, rDNS, Dedicated IP and many other tools available in higher plans and packages.

Is it mandatory to create contact list via Double Opt in method?

Yes, You should use this method to create contact list to bind the rules of CAN-SPAM. This is mandatory. Double Opt-in method sends an email to the subscriber for confirmation, now the email is confirmed for subscription. in this way both email service providers handshake the email exchange and white list the sender in the recipient mailing server. This helps you to gain more and better INBOX delivery. This is the method suggested by the CAN-SPAM compliance for Email Marketing.

What is Branded Sender Email?

Branded Sender Email is your brand domain email ie email@yourdomain.com. This means, we can provide you with your brand name domain with your email id as the sender ID. So, when email is sent, it will show as the sender email ID. This will help your users to identify your brand and you can build the brand value when opting for this method.

What is spf Record?

Spf record is a DNS record that identifies which email server is authorized to send mails on behalf of your domain. This spf records prevents SPAM from expanding. This is a good DNS record which prevents spammers from sending emails with forged from address of your domain. When spf record is set, recipient mail servers identify as legitimate mails and filters can help them to move mails more into INBOX. This record also helps mail servers not to bypass the emails sent by spammers.

What is rDNS?

rDNS record is reverse DNS record for the sender domain email. Once you opt for Email Marketing Plan with Dedicated IP, we can configure an rDNS record for the IP for the concerned domain. This rDNS records sends a green signal to the recipient mail servers about the good reputation. This green signal also helps a better delivery rate in INBOX delivery with rDNS record.

What is the mail sending limits?

Normally 3125 mails per hour in 24 hours Enterprise Plan.

Bronze Plan has a daily limit of maximum 3125 mails per hour, where Silver Plan as a limit of 4166 mails per hour, for Gold Plan , this limit is 5208 mails per hour whereas  Platinum plan has a daily limit of 6250 mails per hour throughout the day.

Do you follow CAN-SPAM compliance?

Yes, we strictly follow CAN SPAM compliance. We follow features like single click unsubscribe, double opt-in methods, Name and address in footer and Bounce mail processing. Customers who are not following CAN SPAM guidelines may subject to suspension of their accounts as we strictly follow CAN SPAM Guidelines and we never promote SPAM activities via our servers and IPs on our network.

Do I ask for refund?

NO, Since it is payable for month on month. Minimum payment cycle is monthly only. So, Refund is not applicable.

Can I use graphic design newsletters in campaign?

Yes. But it is not suggestible as only images in the newsletter will increase the SPAM rate and you will receive a very low opening rate of your mailers. It is always suggested that you should use our in-built email templates and use our WYSIWYG editor to design your mailers. You do not need any web designer to design your newsletter. If you have the knowledge of Microsoft Word, you can easily design your newsletter in a better way via our in-built editor and using our email newsletter templates.

What is DKIM Record?

DKIM stands for Domain Keys Identified Mail. DKIM is an email authentication process which confirms the email receiver that the mail has been sent from the domain authorized to send this email. This DKIM helps to authenticate emails to detect email spoofing and further helps to stop fighting with SPAM.

What is Dedicated IP?

Normally all Branded Sender Emails are based on shared IP and said to be weak in Email delivery rate where INBOX delivery is concerned. Dedicated IP improves the rate of INBOX delivery as only you are sending mails from this IP. So, lesser mails are sent from this IP whereas everyone is sending mails from shared IP.  The lesser mails from a dedicated IP increases the delivery and click through rate better than the shared IP.

What is IP SPAM re-buttle?

IP SPAM Rebuttle is a technique to get de-listing of IP from the SPAM traced blacklisting. Normally de-listing of IP takes from 24-72 hours from the request time and may take longer than this as KakInfotech does not have any hold on this service.  Since mails are sent in the quantity, some of the emails may trapped as SPAM or request for SPAM is detected from the mail server filter which automatically pushes IP into blacklisting. This is one of the good service that we offer to the clients to continuously use  the Dedicated IP for better delivery.

What is IP Warming?

IP quality gets poorer as it is continuously used for sending mails. Some of the mail filters detect SPAM from the originating source and IP gets blacklisted. There may be many other reasons for poor IP quality. IP warming is a technique to help IP getting a good reputation management from the mail servers. This is one of the extra service is offered in higher plans.

Terms of Email Marketing is also linked on acceptance on the sign-up page under terms and policies. For your reference to the Email Marketing terms, Please  click here or the following hyperlink for more information and understanding before sign-up.