HelpDesk Ticket Support

KakInfotech powers “Kak Network” with industry standard most trusted Ticket Support System. Every client under our umbrella of KakNetwork has a unique client area for all the services purchased from different online platform for Kak Network.

Support is strictly by Ticket Help-Desk System only!

Following rules are applicable to get the support from our HelpDesk System-

1) Maximum 5 tickets are entertained in a month as a complementary ticket supports offered to under your purchased plan for product or services. Any tickets left for the month is not carried forward and would subject to different products or services.

2) After 5 tickets, you can avail a paid ticket support @ $25 per Ticket per Issue under normal ticket response system.

3) UN-managed Services or Server/VPS/Cloud is strictly for Re-install/Reboot/Downtime only. Any issues arising other than listed above is self managed. Tickets if raised for different issues may subject to violation our support rules and services can suspended or terminated with immediate effect.

4) Kak Infotech believes to support you via ticket system in a healthier and smoother environment. Any nuisance on phone, email or ticket is strictly UN-bearable.  Putting any reminders or any kind of threatening words will be treated as abuse against support and permanent suspension of your account. Apart from this, any comments and rating done on internet web which damages our reputation in any way can lead us to stop the support and services with immediate effect. KakNetwork reserves the right to take legal action against such incidents as per law (subject to jurisdiction in New Delhi, India) and immediate suspension of services may be applicable in such cases for your account running one or more than one services.

5) For each and every Service at KakNetwork is empowered by client area given to customers to get support, to know your billing & renewal date and manage services via control panel if applicable. Email has many vagarities and KakNetwork including KakInfotech and other online platform cannot be held responsible for the delivery for mails in your “INBOX”. Customers are thus informed to regularly visit the client area for any update or services request or any communication required about your services.

6) Customers are generally greeted by their user account credential for the first time they register by themselves or upon a request, account is created. Customers should keep this email in safe place for future access to the client area. Please note, we never store any credential for access for by any person other than you via your client area. So, any credentials can be safely stored by you in private area. Normally once credential is given to the client, KakNetwork removes the access to those credentials in the Help-desk Ticket Support System. Sensitive credential is always delivered by mails and normally access in tickets are removed in the system on strict ground.

7) Any request of support incidents can be opened via putting an email to If Ticket Support HelpDesk recognizes your email ID as a registered email ID in the system. A ticket number in the following format is opened in system and set for next assignment for Support Operators.

[#xxxxxx] “Subject of your Email”

“xxxxxx” is the unique ticket number assigned by the system which may extend to more than six characters in near future.

“Subject of your email” is the subject that you put in your email.

Thus Ticket Artificial Intelligence comes into action and system auto decides the ticket for best flow in order tickets are received in quantity. It is placed in the queue for the Support Operators to respond on the same in efficient manner. If multiple tickets are opened by the clients for the same issue or single ticket with multiple issues would certainly get delayed for an  uncertain time.

8) Any service served by KakNetwork is monitored for Downtime & “SPAM”. If downtime is detected , System Engineers at level 1-3 is informed and escalated as per rules defined in the Ticket HelpDesk Support System.

If you think, there is a downtime, you can raise support tickets and critical support is made available to you on priority basis to make the services up and running. Critical Support is always available 24×7 days on priority basis and it is only meant for downtime. Any ticket support other than critical support is normally served from Monday-Friday @ IST. Although it may differ in different countries as KakNetwork has extended the support operators in 26 different countries locally.

Only critical support related to hosting, dedicated servers, cloud or any such deployment which which is down, is entertained in Weekdays of Saturdays and Sundays. Apart from this, any kind of services, support or development process is not available during off-business days like(Saturdays & Sundays).

If SPAM is detected, your services are likely to be suspended without any notice and repeated another attempt if opened on request would be terminated without any notice served to you. Kak Infotech has taken many initiative to make KakNetwork a SPAM-free Online network through-out the globe. KakNetwork strictly follow European law against SPAM and it is strictly UN-bearable.

9) Although opening ticket via mailing on is not recommended but for your ease, KakNetwork has made it available for convenience. We may change it any point of time with or without notice.

10) Recommended method of support is via log into the Ticket HelpDesk System via following link and generating tickets in support with selected services for your issue.

This helps KakNetwork to serve you in a better and efficient manner.

11) Every ticket opened should be unique per issue per ticket for a smooth experience. Such rules should be strictly followed.

12) Normal Ticket response is 24-72 working hours. Critical support is available within 2-10 working hours in complimentary mode and within 30 minutes in a paid mode for Express Category from Normal. Please look for the ticket category for more details.

13) Ticket Support other than specified above may take longer and cannot be committed in case of Web Development or Web Design or any Bug-detection issue. It may take days to months and months to cover a bug-tracking and replacing with a feasible solution as per issue and demand of the technology. It is always recommended that any point new deployment or upgrade there should be minimum 5 days and a maximum of 10 days. of testing phase under alpha, beta and gamma testing procedures.

14) Support is available in different categories listed below-

  • UN-managed Support: Normally is managed by customers itself. Any such incidents if raised for support should be for Downtime/Network Issues and may be different as per services involved. Please look for the concerned services section for detail explanation.
  • Semi-Managed Support : Such Support System comes for a monthly rental or yearly rental under your Plan or 2 hours of job in a month. This differs from service to service in HelpDesk Support.
  • Managed Support : In this case somehow KakNetwork from different platform manages some part of standard security with comparatively more services when compared to Semi-Managed. Such support is also available on a monthly rental or yearly rental with almost 4 hours job in a month.
  • Pro-Managed Support : This support category includes services of Managed Support with 4 extra hours followed by some advanced suggestion to improve your efficiency of system. Such consultancy with extra 4 tickets are served in a month.
  • Fully Managed Support : All advantages of Pro managed Support with maximum 24 hours of managed support for 4 tickets and rest tickets at normal response with upto 12 tickets in a month on not-carried forward basis. This kind of support gives you all the freedom from all your technical issues. Simply concentrate upon your business and leave all issues upon KakInfotech-ians to support you in critical hours.

         Tickets in different support categories may take some extra time as per different products and services are concerned.

15) Finally any confusion in any of the support understanding, you can raise ticket at Compliance Department to find your answers via your client area in “Open Ticket”.

Still not satisfied with our KakNetwork Support terms, you should look for some another service provider for your services.

Updated on Aug 6, 2018