Kak Infotech Pvt. Ltd.(KIPL) is global service provider for Web Design and Development, Mobile Apps and Digital Marketing. KIPL can provide you with an astonishing good online software solutions, web & mobile design-development that you can be fond of. Kak Infotech has a dedicated team of professionals who covers Offshore Web Design Development, SEO, Mobile Apps, Digital Marketing solutions for you
KIPL’s client-list includes start-ups,SMEs, MMEs, and Enterprises from all over the globe. KIPL’s head office is located in New Delhi, India with another back-end development & support center in Gurgaon, India & Denver, US.
From Web design, Development and Online Marketing to customized applications and business productivity solutions, KIPL inherits attractive and functional services whose challenges are varied automation, better tasks management, reduction in costs and delays, improvement on-demands treatment, better of information flow management, sharing of knowledge and content , increased collaboration of work, increased users’ involvement.
Kipl helps you in Offshore Web Design Development, SEO, SMO,Mobile Apps, Digital Marketing with core competency in IT solutions.


Why Choose KakInfotech?

1. Mother Company in Hosting & Server Solutions

Kak Infotech has many data-center ventures throughout the world to serve customers around the globe. As a global service provider, we have a solid IT backbone which runs from Nehru Place (Marketing office), Gurgaon (back-end development & support) from India & Denver(support) from United States.
Kakinfotech says we won the server i.e. We really own it. We have unique Ip communication network in all the 4 DNS zones around the Globe.
KIPL has many reseller channels to promote shared & business hosting, VPS & Dedicated Servers.

2. 15 Years of Vast Experience in IT Solutions

Kak Infotech has an eight years of vast experience in this IT communication Network for server technology. Kak Infotech serves many resellers for hosting, many individual clients in shared hosting and almost a few more in Dedicated Hosting Solutions with vast range of services like-

  • Managed services for Dedicated Server
  • Monitoring Dedicated Server
  • Managing Security & DDOS Attacks
  • Hardening of dedicated Hosting
  • CDN Servers
  • Gaming Servers
  • Pro-active Support
  • Cluster Server
3. No third Party Support: Support owned by KIPL

Kak Infotech has a separate team for providing support to our clients on a dedicated platform. We seriously own the support team to move the services at their utmost priority. Not only this much, We clearly own the backend support & development. There is no interference of third party support at all.

4. Websites behind Kak Server Guard+Firewall

We understand data as critical factor for IT industry. We seriously care for your data. We understand data importance for clients and their customers. We have developed an extra security layer backbone for Server Anti-hacking and Protection.
For this solution, we have already developed a separate tool to monitor the attacks and hacking attempts that guards server from all this unwanted attacks. Although following tools are used to Guard Server in a better way-

  • WHM Firewall
  • Mod Security
  • Root Kit Scripts
  • E-mail Alert on Exceeding Quota
5. Transparent Policies

KIPL discloses a transparent policy to all clients. We never hide anything to our clients. There is no hidden cost at all. All policies have clear rules to follow under the terms. KIPL also allow unlimited space under fair user policy to bind all customers with transparent norms.
Please visit our terms and conditions for more details about our services and products.

6. Ensures Timely Delivery

KIPL performs a regular watch on your projects to ensure the delivery on set time and target. KIPL has designed one program to monitor project management on the basis of following things-

  1. Project documentation & Outline
  2. Project Technicalities
  3. Project Current status
  4. Feedback on the Phase-wise testing
  5. Alpha & Beta Testing
8. Satisfied Customers Accross Globe

KIPL works on customer satisfaction based on paper and documentation on project basis. Even KIPL holds a strict open refund policy which works on transparent grounds. Each and every project is ensured upon timely deadline and delivery once regular data and go head on different phases are performed under timeline.

This makes us more competitive in the market as per customer satisfaction is concerned.

9. Competitive Pricing at all Sections

KIPL has no competitor in the market when you compare our services in terms of quality and service support after sales. This is so since KIPL completely owns all services. There is no third party inclusion in any of our services.
We have many servers as per customer demands. So, take a case-study of hosting, We have a dedicated server for SMEs, Off-course we can beat any advertized prices on earth.
Once KIPL says, we own all services, i.e we owe it actually.

HTML/CSS / 93%
PHP/ASP/.Net / 88%
Search Engine/Social Media Optimization / 95%
Design: Photoshop/Flash/Corel Draw/AI / 92%
CMS: WordPress/Joomla/Drupal / 94%
Open Soruce Ecommerce: Woocommerce/Magento/Opencart / 94%
Hosting Managed /Security/Optimization / 98%