Citrix Xen Server

Kakinfotech offers Citrix Xen Server virtualization platform throughout different Datacenter around the world.

Xen Server
Citrix Xen Server

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Citrix Xen Server

Xen Server  is a Virtualization distribution platform with the stable sources of Citrix. CentOS is available for free.

Kakinfotech offers a stable and tested version of Citrix Virtualization distribution platform for Server. It may possible that some of the variants may not be compatible with server. For more details, Please cross check the server order page and detail page.

Citrix “XenServer 6” Virtualization distribution is ready for business virtualization for creation of VPS, and still free of charge. With Xen Server Center management console, creation and management of your Xen VPS are much easier to be processed  in two clicks.

For more information about Citrix Xen Server features, click here. Find the complete technical guide here.


Web Hosting
Email Hosting
Easy to use


Citrix Xen Server 7 (no SOFTraid)

Citrix Xen Server 6.5

Citrix Xen Server 6.2

Core:3.10 (built-in)



Technical Details

Access to a server : 
Email service :
FTP port (21) :
POP3 Port (110) :
SSH Port (22) :
IMAP Port (143) :
TSE Port (3389) :
SMTP Port (25) :
Web Port (80) :
My SQL Port (3306) :
Named Port (53) :